I’d like to start a running series of posts with videos and clips that, for whatever reason, I re-watch frequently. This first video is a great example of that – it aired originally on “SNL” in October 2011, and it’s safe to say I’ve watched it about once a week since then. For Bill Hader’s line deliveries alone, I think this sketch is epic.

“But it can’t happen to a boy!”
“Or so you thought.”

In Praise of Bob Costas


Sports broadcasters can at times be sanctimonious. While some fans defend, many bemoan this and ask for the pundits simply to call the action without moral grandstanding. However, recently Bob Costas taken the national stage and taken up the issue of gun control. I by no means want this space to be a discussion of those politics – this is merely an entertainment blog.

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What I’ll be Watching for on Sunday

It’s a cliche, but just because it’s cliche doesn’t make it any less true: The commercials are frequently the best (and most-discussed) part of a Superbowl. Now, I expect Harbowl or Superbaugh to be a fun, exciting game (and I’m rooting for the 49ers because I, like others, don’t like Ray Lewis). But mostly? Mostly I’m rooting for a few great commercials. There are some classics: The Budweiser Frogs. The Clydesdales after 9/11. For me, the most fun Superbowl commercial of all-time is the one with the catchiest song:

So, dear readers, I leave it to you (and the comments section): What are some of your favorite Superbowl commercials in years past?

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime: “California Dreams”


NBC, helped mostly by the efforts of Peter Engel, launched TNBC in 1992. For the most part, the shows followed the same formula perfected by “Saved by the Bell“: a bunch of high school kids who hung out at a restaurant (The Max), had one ridiculously over-the-top friend (Screech), and went through artificially-contrived circumstances, all while learning a valuable lesson in the end.
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Is “The Outsiders” the greatest collection of box-office talent in history?


The Outsiders” is one of those movies that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Now, that doesn’t make it rare – lots of movies, put in the hands of a fine director or editor, can achieve greatness that wouldn’t be present at first blush. What makes “The Outsiders” incredibly special is that it has vast resources of talent: Based on S.E. Hinton’s classic novel; directed by Francis Ford Coppola; and starring, amongst others, C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Diane Lane, Ralph Macchio and, in a small role, Tom Cruise. Continue reading

Best Series Finale?

After writing my post on the LOST finale, I thought I would open up the obvious question to you, dear reader. What show do you think had the best series finale of all-time? What show left you the most satisfied, had all the proper call-backs to seasons/characters past? I’ve put up a number of my favorite choices, but am hoping you will suggest others in the comments.