In Praise of Bob Costas


Sports broadcasters can at times be sanctimonious. While some fans defend, many bemoan this and ask for the pundits simply to call the action without moral grandstanding. However, recently Bob Costas taken the national stage and taken up the issue of gun control. I by no means want this space to be a discussion of those politics – this is merely an entertainment blog.

I find it commendable that Costas is championing a cause about which he is passionate to a national audience. And that he is not backing away from his comments.

If it were a broadcaster without Costas’s eloquence, or who was advocating a viewpoint with which I don’t agree, or if the advocacy came during an important Yankees or Knicks or Jets game (although important Jets game is an oxymoron), I may not be so supportive. And, of course, many aren’t. But I will give Costas credit where I think it’s due – the man has an ability to poke fun at himself, he is an encyclopedia on baseball, he has tackled seemingly ridiculous topics, and, when given a national platform days after an important national incident, he chose to speak up. And again, days ago he appeared on The Daily Show and shared similar sentiments.


Some might say “stick to sports,” at least during halftime of an NFL game. In fact, if there’s one part of this that I won’t commend Costas for, it’s that he called the timing of his comments a mistake. Maybe it wasn’t the right time for everyone to hear about gun control (his comments came in the wake of the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide, and pre-dated the tragedy at Newtown). For one, I was impressed. Let’s see what you’ve got, Michael Kay.



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