Oscar Picks 2013


In advance of tonight’s Oscar ceremony, I thought I’d make my picks for the 2013 Academy Awards. Note: my tradition is to make my picks the morning the nominations are announced, so that the choices aren’t affected by Oscar campaigning (as much as possible). So, without further ado, my choices (picks in bold):  Continue reading

Valentine’s Lame

For those of us single on Valentine’s Day, we can feel like Ralph Wiggum. So, I wanted to do a quick post about sad romantic moments in entertainment. To me, nothing tops what Lloyd says about Diane Cort in “Say Anything”:

“I gave her my heart. She gave me a pen.”

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The 50 Greatest Video Games of All-Time*


Well, here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: The asterisk above denotes the fact that my friend Micah and I came up with the list of the 50 greatest video games ever made….in 2004. Now, we both grew up in what I’d call Nintendo-based households, so our list may skew slightly in that direction. Also, this list was made on a night where we also introduced the concept of time-stepping. No explanation on that one, at least not tonight. But, without further ado, I present to you the result of what was one of the most enjoyable and engaging discussions I’ve ever had

**Even with Tessa saying to us more than a few times “You guys are being stupid.

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The River


I will very rarely delve into music recommendations, but I am so taken with this song that I figure it can’t hurt. I know a lot of people caught on to Imagine Dragons last year, but they just released a new EP yesterday, and this is the lead song from it. Hope you enjoy.

The Best Movie from High School

My friend Dan emailed me this morning and asked a few of us what the best movie to come out during high school was. While I was thrilled to have a good idea for a blog post, I’ll admit that running through all of the movies that came out in high school made me look like this:


I quickly shot back an email that said I knew “Titanic,” “Shakespeare in Love,” “American Beauty” and “Gladiator” were the four films to win Best Picture while we were in high school, but of course that was just the beginning of the project. I considered “during high school” to mean September 1997 – June 2001, so certain good movies missed the cut-off. I came up with twenty-five good-to-great movies that were my favorites. I omitted guilty pleasures like “Can’t Hardly Wait,” “She’s All That” and “Varsity Blues,” because while I could rewatch them dozens of times, I don’t think they’re the general consensus pick for “best movie.” Continue reading

What’s Wrong on “The Office”

To paraphrase my boy Billy Shakes, I came here not to bury “The Office,” but to question it. Over the last three episodes, we’ve been introduced to Brian the boom mic guy, who clearly has developed some strong feelings for Pam.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Greg Daniels said the following about the addition of Brian and the reveal of the documentary crew:  Continue reading