Valentine’s Lame

For those of us single on Valentine’s Day, we can feel like Ralph Wiggum. So, I wanted to do a quick post about sad romantic moments in entertainment. To me, nothing tops what Lloyd says about Diane Cort in “Say Anything”:

“I gave her my heart. She gave me a pen.”

Sure others will talk about the memorable boombox scene, but the beauty of that movie is in the heartbreak Lloyd feels, before he gets Diane back.

Runner-up for my go-to heartbreak moment is this overwrought scene from “Dawson’s Creek” third season, after Pacey and Joey have gotten together and Dawson finds out. Definitely click to watch – nothing tops Dawson screaming: “This ruins everything! There’s no going back.”

I think this scene from “(500) Days of Summer” is fantastic at capturing expectation vs. reality, and how difficult it can be to navigate between the two:

And of course, when Zack and Kelly broke up, it’s safe to say we all lost a bit of our innoncence:

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Not like this – not for us.”

I know there’s hundreds of sad songs, so I won’t begin to put music in the discussion. But aside from the 4 scenes I’ve listed, what are some of your favorite sad love scenes? The end of “The Way We Were?” The end of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“?

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone – no sarcasm.


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Lame

  1. Eternal Sunshine otSM – Joel’s final memories of Clementine are erased,
    Requiem for a Dream – Harry and Marion’s fake optimistic phone call,
    Annie Hall – Alvy tries to recreate the lobster moment,
    Up – the opening montage

  2. Lily leaving Marshall for SF; pretty much any “catching your spouse/significant other cheating” scene; Marnie breaking up with Charlie mid-coitus (after asking him to get back together); Nic Cage refusing to course correct for Elizabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas; Anne Hathaway getting smoked by a bike in One Day; Ennus receiving the postcard marked “Deceased” and subsequently breaking down while holding Jack’s shirt.

    Ok. That was depressing. So I’m going to end with a all time favorite romantic moment: Joey letting Chandler out of the Box.

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