“Oh, my nose!”


As many of you know, last weekend I broke my nose in a car accident. So, of course this got me thinking of the great moments in broken nose/face moments in pop culture history. The following list is by no means definitive, so please leave your best suggestions in the comments!

No list is complete without this classic. The definitive nose-breaking moment in entertainment history. Although, from personal experience, she probably would have said something more along the lines of “OW OW OW MY GOD THE PAIN WOW THAT’S A LOT OF BLOOD” rather than the demure, “Oh, my nose!”

Princess Vespa in Spaceballs

A Druish princess?

A Druish princess?

Hoping my doctor can live up to Dr. Schlotkin…

Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky

The way I felt in the Bellevue ER last weekend – especially when the ambulance driver said my nose was “deformed.”

Fabio’s Facial Farce (As suggested by Rob Mullowney)

This was almost exactly like my accident, except not at all

The Tom’s Rhinoplasty episode of South Park (As suggested by John Corcoran)


Let’s just hope my eventual nasal surgery doesn’t make me look like David Hasselhoff

Pool Scene, Meet the Parents

Poor Greg (Gaylord) Focker. Although I would have much rather had my nose broken by Ben Stiller than the partition in a taxi cab.

What I hit my head against...

What I hit my head against…

Amber’s Social Life, Clueless (As suggested by, well, everyone)

Truly the gold standard in nasal surgery jokes. Of course, it’s tough to feel bad for poor Amber – just minutes later, she’s calling out Tai, who could be a farmer in those clothes.

Maggie’s broken nose in Million Dollar Baby


My doctor had better bedside manner than Clint Eastwood. The doctor didn’t ask me to get off his lawn…

The time Clive Owen put on an American accent and got his nose broken, Derailed


I think I looked a little bit better once I made it back to work. Man up, Clive.

Angelface takes a beating, Fight Club

Yikes. Poor Jared Leto. Who knew Edward Norton could do more damage than a taxi? Oh wait

Rachel Green‘s original nose on Friends

Ross was in love with her even then

Ross was in love with her even then

Not sure who looks worse here, Rachel or Monica. One thing’s clear: Rachel’s surgery was more…elective…than mine will be.

Any other suggestions?


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