Season of “meh”

This may merit a longer post at some point down the road, but I think it’s worth discussing now, albeit briefly. My friend Darren and I are going to Philadelphia tonight and are debating if there’s a movie out to see. Maybe “Hangover III,” maybe “Fast and Furi6,” maybe “Now You See Me,” maybe “Star Trek Into Darkness.” But really – so far, what an uninspiring summer. Continue reading

The genius of the AT&T ads


I love these AT&T commercials. Love them. Love the dry wit, love the set-up, love everything about them. In fact, the only thing I can’t figure out is which one I love the most; some days, I’ll think it’s the Nicky Flash one, the next day, the werewolf one. So, I’m posting my six favorites, and letting you all decide which one is the best. But really, just watching these six makes us all winners.

(Bonus points for the AT&T guy’s face in the “Slow Turtle” one – his exclamation of “Wh-hmmmmm?” when the girl says she’d rather be a slow turtle is certainly Emmy or Clio-worthy). Continue reading

Grown-up “Calvin and Hobbes”?


I shared this with some of my friends a few weeks ago, but thought it was worthy of a blog post. A few authors have taken to continuing/updating Bill Watterson’s seminal comic strip. Read this piece for the full info:,93700/?mobile=true

While I think all of the attempts pretty accurately mimic the original’s artistic style, there’s no way they can ever truly recapture the heart of the series. That said, the authors of these updated strips are clearly fans of the original C&H, and I think they’ve done a pretty impressive job, especially “Calvin and Company.”

Of course, nothing is ever going to top the original. The last strip is perfect:


Quick Poll (featuring Vin Diesel & The Rock)

These guys live their lives 1/4 mile at a time, but the movie needed a much better title. Seriously, how did they not call this film “Fast and Furi6”?


Just Because (Swingers Edition)

Another “Just Because” post – one of my all-time favorite scenes, always good to cheer me up when feeling down romantically. This is going on the Ron Livingston highlight reel for sure, and I love everything he says. His line delivery of “because you lived with it for so long” is spot-on. Anyway, enjoy:



How to Ruin Your Main Character

Haaaaaave you met a main character that's been ruined?

Haaaaaave you met a main character that’s been ruined?

I was watching a rerun of “How I Met Your Mother” the other day, and I realized something: There is a rampant symptom of sitcoms ruining their main characters. By “ruining” I mean making them whiny, effeminate caricatures rather than the original romantic, idealistic people we as an audience enjoyed in the first place. The three biggest offenders: “How I Met Your Mother,” “Scrubs” and “Friends.” Continue reading

Welcome Back


I know I haven’t posted in a long time, so let’s check in and see what’s happened since I’ve been gone:

– I had successful surgery

– “The Office” had its finale (more on that below)

– I went to Iceland

– One of my favorite shows got cancelled

– I met Mr. Belding at a play

So, all in all, not a bad few weeks, other than the disappointing “Happy Endings” news. I’m going to try to post most regularly, so I hope you all continue to enjoy reading this space. Moving on… Continue reading