Welcome Back


I know I haven’t posted in a long time, so let’s check in and see what’s happened since I’ve been gone:

– I had successful surgery

– “The Office” had its finale (more on that below)

– I went to Iceland

– One of my favorite shows got cancelled

– I met Mr. Belding at a play

So, all in all, not a bad few weeks, other than the disappointing “Happy Endings” news. I’m going to try to post most regularly, so I hope you all continue to enjoy reading this space. Moving on…As far as “The Office” finale goes….what is there to say? The last episode was good, in that it gave closure to every character (though Andy still felt unresolved to me – remember how his father had abandoned the family and Andy had to take a leadership role? How is he doing that at Cornell?), and the Steve Carell cameo was perfect: it didn’t steal thunder from the main characters, and it felt completely organic (maybe because it was at a farm?). Was it a great episode? I’m not so sure – I don’t really remember laughing all that much. As I said when I wrote about series finales, you have to pay off long-running storylines while also providing an entertaining episode, and I think “The Office” did that. I just don’t think that it’s one of the episodes I’ll want to watch again anytime soon.

I’m hoping to have a post soon about the Fall TV calendar – seems like a lot of new shows that may get cancelled quickly (I don’t see a show with Sean Hayes successfully anchoring a Thursday night line-up in 2013, but I’ve been wrong before). For now, “Mad Men” and “Veep” my consistent summer watches, and I’m planning on hate-watching season 2 of “The Newsroom.” Also have to finish the new “Arrested Development” episodes on Netflix, but I don’t want to watch them all in one sitting – and evidently, that’s not what its creator wants me to do, either.


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