Modine on Modine


For those who don’t know, I’m a huge Matthew Modine fan. [Full disclosure: He has been kind enough to tweet at me now and again about the Knicks, a team that regularly breaks our hearts but for whom we dutifully root season after season.] I remember watching “Vision Quest,” “Gross Anatomy” and “Memphis Belle” many times as a kid, was thrilled when he popped up in “Bye Bye Love,” and have always enjoyed his screen presence. In recent years, he’s taken his formidable acting skills and expanded his repertoire into documenting (the “Full Metal Jacket” diary and app) and directing.

Now he is getting mainstream attention for a series of short films he directed, and he gave a wonderful interview to Entertainment Weekly on that topic (and more). One thing that I’ve always appreciated about Modine is his candor, and I think that directly translates into his acting and direction. Even in his recent performance in “The Dark Knight Rises,” he took what could have been a one-note character (slimy cop) and elevated that performance, shading it with subtlety to the point that you were rooting for him in the final showdown against Bane. From his comedic chops (I especially loved his work on “Weeds”) to the gravitas he can bring even to a football team doctor, I’m glad that he has continued to ply his acting craft, and is now able to release new and exciting films to the world. I highly recommend both his interview with Entertainment Weekly, and any films of his you can get your hands on. After all, he beat the Chute.




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