Fathers & Sons

Well, I missed Father’s Day by a week. But, as I’ve said, it’s my blog, so I’ll post when I want. Here now, in no particular order, are the top 5 of what I consider to be the best father/son pairings, moments, scenes or storylines from movies and TV. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.

  1. Field of Dreams – the ultimate. There can be no list of father and son entertainment scenes without mentioning this movie. There’s never a dry eye at the end of the film, for good reason.
  2. Star Wars – probably the most complicated father/son dynamic of all entries on this list, but Luke’s ultimate redemption of Vader is the best father’s day present of all-time.
  3. Back to the Future – well, if Star Wars was the most complicated, this probably takes second place. Most father/son stories don’t involve the son traveling back in time to make sure his father properly woos his mother.
  4. Superman – a bit of a cheat, since technically Superman/Kal-El has two fathers (Jor-El and Jonathan Kent), but the beauty of Superman is in him reconciling his alien powers with his connection and devotion to humanity, and both fathers forge his character and bind him with integrity
  5. The Simpsons – while Homer may be most famous for choking Bart, there is a real connection and understanding between the two that has formed the bedrock of the series. Also, they’re both hilarious.

Honorable mentions: Frank and George Costanza, Seinfeld; Jason and Mike Seaver, “Growing Pains”; Jim and Brandon Walsh/Rush and Steve Sanders/Dylan and Jack McKay, “Beverly Hills, 90210”; Doogie Howser and his father, “Doogie Howser, M.D.”; Sandy  and Seth Cohen (and Ryan Atwood), “The OC”; Jack and Danny, “The Shining.”


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