What VH1 Missed

This is the 90s

This is the 90s

My friend Kim and I were talking about VH1’s “100 Greatest Songs of the 90s” list, a list that I’m sure was meant to provoke discussion. Well, it certainly did that, although it also provoked antipathy and disbelief – really, I can’t get over the number of songs they left off the list that, to me, define the 90s. I’ll follow their parameters and only name one song per artist, but some of their omissions are egregious. Let me know other songs you think I’ve missed in the comments.

  1. Literally any song by New Kids on the Block
  2. “No Rain,” Blind Melon
  3. “Hey Jealousy,” Gin Blossoms (bonus points for being the best karaoke song of all time)
  4. “Bittersweet Symphony,” The Verve
  5. “Kiss from a Rose,” Seal
  6. “Closing Time,” Semisonic
  7. “If You Could Only See,” Tonic
  8. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” Deep Blue Something
  9. “Ants Marching,” Dave Matthews Band
  10. “Pump up the Jam,” Technotronic
  11. “Father of Mine,” Everclear
  12. “The Freshman,” The Verve Pipe
  13. “Runaway Train,” Soul Asylum
  14. “Dammit,” Blink-182
  15. “I Want You,” Savage Garden
  16. “Meet Virginia,” Train
  17. “Try Again,” Aaliyah
  18. “What is Love?” Haddaway
  19. “Take my Picture,” Filter
  20. “Big Me,” Foo Fighters
  21. “Shimmer,” Fuel
  22. “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” Rednex
  23. “Brick,” Ben Folds Five
  24. “Invisible Man,” 98 Degrees
  25. “Impression that I Get,” Mighty Mighty Bosstones

(The VH1 list, for those interested)


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