32 years ago today….


Nintendo gave the world “Donkey Kong,” and with it, Nintendo unleashed its unofficial mascot, Mario. While the gameplay seems crude by today’s standards, Mario’s first appearance in a video game (rescuing a princess, natch) deserves recognition.

Bonus points to Wreck-It Ralph for so perfectly co-opting and satirizing this style of gameplay. Well done, Disney.

Unanswered “New Girl” questions


I love where “New Girl” went in its second season. I think it was inspired for Nick and Jess to get together, and to have it be a messy, hesitant coupling, with both characters acting the way real people would after, respectively, their first kiss, first time sleeping together, and first “are we a couple?” discussion.

But I can’t help but think about two dangling plot threads, and how they’ll affect the show’s future. Continue reading

Happy Independence Day!

For those who don’t know, I have an annual tradition of watching “Independence Day” every year on (or about) July 4th. As I’m off to England today for vacation, I had my yearly viewing last night, but wanted to share the most important scene for everyone’s enjoyment.