Top 5 Muppets


My friend John and I recently got into a debate about our favorite muppets. In a rather Statler and Waldorf moment, we both readily agreed that there were some overrated Muppets (I’m looking at you, Kermit and Gonzo). But we had a very difficult time narrowing down our favorites. Therefore, as a bit of a cheat, I’m going to do two lists: My personal top 5 muppets, and also the 5 I think are most underrated. While I think someone like Scooter is a top-5 candidate, he probably belongs more on the underrated list, and if a muppet appears on one list, he or she won’t appear on the other. Please let me know who I’ve overlooked in the comments. Continue reading

My one-tweet review of last night’s VMAs



Well, the casting news of Ben Affleck as the new Batman certainly has gotten a lot of attention. From what I saw on twitter last night, and have read this morning, it seems like most people are less than thrilled with this casting choice. And let me just say, without hesitation, these people are wrong. Continue reading

10 Years of The OC


It’s impossible for me to top the epic work being done by television critics this week in memory of the 10-year anniversary of the debut of The OC. Alan Sepinwall, Andy Greenwald and Vulture have great interviews with creator/show-runner Josh Schwartz, and/or discussions of the show, what it meant in the moment, and its legacy. But hey, I’ll give it a shot. Continue reading