New Year’s Resolutions


Well, as I’ve said before, it’s my blog, so I can do things my way. Sure, I’m about 17 days later than most, but here are some New Year’s Resolutions (more like wishes) for the entertainment industry for 2014.

1. That How I Met Your Mother goes out on a high note.

Can we please get to the happily ever after already?

Can we please get to the happily ever after already?

Man, what a frustrating final season. I’m on record saying that I’ll watch this show until the bitter end, given how much I’ve already invested in it, but Carter Bays, Craig Thomas and co. are certainly making that difficult. There have been a few enjoyable moments here and there, but most Tuesdays I end up writing emails about this show that contain the phrase “END IT ALREADY!”

2. That Guardians of the Galaxy is a big hit


I’m also on record as a big Chris Pratt fan. I think he’s done great work not just on Parks and Recreation, but also in Zero Dark Thirty, The Five Year Engagement, and, of course, as Che on The OC. So, I hope that this movie works for him. Alas, a movie with Bradley Cooper as a raccoon and Vin Diesel as a true, involving space gems and Benecio Del Toro isn’t guaranteed to continue Marvel’s box-office streak of success, although I am hopeful.

3. That New Girl can be funny again


These last two episodes have been really great – I loved Jess and Nick and their “basketsball” war. But let’s be honest: much as I love Damon Wayans, Jr. (RIP, “Happy Endings“), Coach being brought back into the fold hasn’t exactly helped the show out. None of the major plotlines have really worked, and the season premiere was the opposite of humor – if anything, it played like an experimental, joke-free half hour designed to test how far away they could push the audience. Let’s hope ZoDesch and co. find their groove for the second half of the season.

4. That there are some summer shows to enjoy beyond Falling Skies


So, I truly have never met another person who’s watched one minute of Falling Skies, though someone else must be out there (feel free to say hi in the comments!). I unabashedly love this show. I think it’s the perfect amount of cheesy, sci-fi, family drama, and Noah Wyle. And every summer, I look forward to it on Sunday nights. But look: Mad Men is coming back in April, for an abbreviated half-season, and so is Veep, and House of Lies will have finished its run well before the summer starts, and most primetime shows will end their seasons in May…I just wish there were something better to watch in the dog days.

5. That Trophy Wife gets renewed

Because it is easily my favorite new show of the 2013-14 season. Because it’s like Modern Family, but funny, and something I actually want to watch. Because it had an episode about Legos. And because Bert is hilarious.



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