Just Because….ER edition


Today I needed an extra push to get through the work day. Looking for inspiration, I turned to one of my favorite shows of all time, ER (which, by the way, has an underrated theme song).

Anyway, while there are numerous plot lines and scenes for which I could have searched, I knew the most inspirational one: “You set the tone.”

In the history of the show, Dr. Morgenstern first said those words to Mark Greene in the pilot.

Later, when Dr. Greene was outside with Noah Wyle’s Dr. John Carter, he tells him, “You set the tone, Carter.”

Finally, when Dr. Carter was leaving the show (the first time), he tells Archie Morris “You set the tone, Morris” (same clip as above). Of course, Morris had no idea what Carter was talking about, and the chain was broken. A funny moment, played well by both actors, but you have to appreciate a show with such a strong through-line with one distinctive catch phrase. It’s no “live together, die alone,” but for today? Today, it was enough.

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