2014 MLB Playoffs


I’ve tried to keep sports out of this blog, despite my rabid fandom for the Yankees, Knicks and Jets. That said, it’s time for the baseball playoffs, and because my beloved Yankees failed to qualify, I have to determine which team I will support. So, I came up with the only scientific metric I could think of: Judge each team based on the most famous television show that took place in that city, and crown a winner. Spoiler alert: TV shows that took place in LA are far more plentiful than those that took place in Kansas City, as you’ll see. Without further ado, my 2014 MLB Playoff Picks:


1. Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers

Or rather, “The Wire” vs. “Home Improvement.” “The Wire” may go down in history as one of the greatest shows of all time. “Home Improvement” was a laughless Tim Allen vehicle that inexplicably stayed on the air for years.

Winner: The Baltimore Orioles

2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Kansas City Royals featuring Lorde

Or rather, “The O.C.” vs. “Switched at Birth.” While “The O.C.” may not technically be Anaheim, Julie Cooper, one of my favorite characters, famously hailed from the Disneyland area. Also, it’s one of my favorite shows, so I will sneak it onto any list I can. As for “Switched at Birth,” I’m pretty sure it’s still on the air. And look at these other options: Apple Pie, Kansas City SWAT, The Legend of Jesse James, Malcolm & Eddie, and Pulse of the City. No wonder George Brett was so upset – Kansas City has certainly not been blessed with solid TV.

Winner: The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


3. St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Or rather, “The John Larroquette Show” vs. “Entourage.” Again, Missouri has not been the setting for good television. Other St. Louis options included The Baxters, AfterMASH, Farmer Wants a Wife, and On Our Own, and with respect to the fans of those classic shows, “John Larroquette” is the best of the bunch. And say what you will about “Entourage” – that show was always a guilty pleasure for me. Given the disparity of quality TV shows set in LA compared to those in St. Louis, the Dodgers should have an easy, Johnny Drama-approved VICTORY.

Winner: The Los Angeles Dodgers

4. San Francisco Giants vs. Washington Nationals

Or rather, “Full House” vs. “The West Wing.” Look “Full House,” whatever its faults, drove ABC’s TGIF line-up for years, and gave us the Olsen twins, years of John Stamos, and the bizarre comedic stylings of Dave Coulier. That said, “The West Wing” wins this one handily. Josh Lyman does not suffer fools.

Winner: The Washington Nationals


5. Baltimore Orioles vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

“The Wire” vs. “The O.C.” One of the best dramas ever against one of my favorite shows of all time. Avon, Stringer, et. al are indelible characters, undeniably seared into viewers’ memories. “The O.C.” was my obsession for close to four years. Thus, in a seven-game series, I predict “The Wire” to barely edge out “The O.C.,” leading to more heartbreak for Ryan Atwood, the kid from Chino.

Winner: The Baltimore Orioles


6. Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Washington Nationals

“Entourage” vs. “The West Wing.” Both shows peaked in earlier years, and both had something of a renaissance in their final season. That said, “Entourage” recycled more plots than a daytime soap opera (“Vince is doing the movie!” “Vince may not be able to do the movie.” “Vince can do the movie after all!”). In a six-game series, “The West Wing” staff march on to victory. I’m sure Toby, Bartlett et. al gave rousing pre-game speeches.

Winner: The Washington Nationals

World Series

7. Baltimore Orioles vs. Washington Nationals

“The Wire” vs. “The West Wing.” The Beltway Series. Joe’s Crab Shack vs. The Old Ebbit Grill. Tense HBO drama vs. broad network drama. While, again, “The Wire” is a pantheon-level show, the World Series is just a seven-game series. The seven season finales of “The West Wing” are on a par with the seven best episodes of TV I’ve ever seen. The assassination attempt of President Bartlett in season one; President Bartlett’s rant in the church in season 2; even Santos’s eventual nomination in the finale of season 6 was an all-time episode for me. So while this will be a close series, I’m going to give the edge to the most complete series, just the way I think the Nationals are the most complete team in baseball right now.

Winner: The Washington Nationals

Note: The list would have been made easier had the following teams made the playoffs/divisional round: The Minnesota Twins (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”); The Cincinnati Reds (“WKRP in Cincinnati”); The New York Yankees (“Seinfeld”); The Boston Red Sox (“Cheers”); The New York Mets (“Everybody Loves Raymond”); The Miami Marlins (“Miami Vice”); The Texas Rangers (“Dallas”); The Chicago Cubs (“ER”); The Chicago White Sox (“Happy Endings”); The Milwaukee Brewers (“Happy Days”); The Philadelphia Phillies (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”); Pittsburgh (“Mr. Belvedere”); The Seattle Mariners (“Grey’s Anatomy”); and The Atlanta Braves (“The Walking Dead”).

Enjoy the games, everyone!

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