Reboot Fever

As I’ve mentioned in the past, reboots (like, say, “Girl Meets World“) never match the expectations of a rabid fan base, usually because they’re trying to please the original fans while also attempting to woo new fans and cater interest in new characters. But, since reboots are de rigueur these days, I thought I’d throw out a few that I’d like to see (or certainly would watch before I’d ever come near the new “Gilmore Girls.”)

“Grown Up Pains” – father Mike Seaver has moved back to the Long Island suburbs, along with his wife Kate and their brood of children. They adopt or foster a trouble-making daughter, and also have a bookworm son (gender reversal from the original Mike/Carol dynamic). Occasional guest appearances from Alan Thicke, Joanna Kearns, Tracy Gold, and, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Now Who’s The Boss?” – Samantha Miceli runs a lovely advertising firm in downtown Brooklyn, and is trying her best to be both a career woman and a single mother. When she needs help from a live-in housekeeper, she hires a snooty former investment banker from Connecticut. Of course, her father Tony and his wild dating life get the most laughs. Occasional guest appearances from Tony Danza and Judith Light.

“Saved by the Belle” – Zack and Kelly Morris’s daughter has just returned from a great summer working at Leon Carose’s beach club, and now is about to start her first day at Bayside. Kelly, an un-Belding-like principal, is hoping her daughter doesn’t have the same wild streak that her father did during his high school days. Occasional appearances by all original cast members except Screech. Bonus points if any of the old teachers are still around, especially Mr. Tuttle.

“Imperfect Strangers” – Balki and his wife are living the perfect life outside of Chicago, frequently doing the dance of joy. But trouble comes knocking when a woman from Mypos shows up claiming to also be married to Mr. Bartokomous. Can Balki figure out how to stand tall on the wings of his dreams while also dealing with matrimonial issues? Occasional appearances by Cousin Larry Appleton.

“Stepped by Step” – J.T. Lambert has taken over his father Frank’s contracting business. Unfortunately, the only house he can’t repair is his own, after a storm destroys it. Who else to the rescue but his sister Dana? Can the two manage to live under one roof without tearing each other apart? Occasional appearances by Patrick Duffy, Suzanne Somers, and Sasha Mitchell as Cody.

“The Fresh Princess of Bel-Air” – When Willa gets in trouble outside of Philadelphia, her¬†mother (guest star Tatyana Ali) has no choice but to send her to live with her funny relative, “Uncle” Will. Of course, there’s already someone else taking up residence in Will’s guest house – Carlton! Occasional appearances by the Carlton Dance.

“Paxton’s Creek” – After spending many years as a successful editor and restaurateur, respectively, Joey and Pacey move back to Capeside to raise a family and reopen the Ice House. Of course, their son Paxton immediately befriends both the homely girl next door, and the wisecracking malcontent. Occasional appearances by James Van Der Beek SINCE IT WAS HIS CREEK TO BEGIN WITH. Also Meredith Monroe as Andie McPhee because she was the best.

“Unmarried with Children” – Kelly Bundy was always the dim, popular girl in high school, but life’s gotten much more difficult since Al and Peggy left town. Now, she’s stuck raising two bratty kids on her own. Fortunately, her brother Bud is around to help out…and cause trouble for Kelly and her kids. Occasional appearances by Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal.

“Buddies” – Ben and Emma Geller; Jack and Erica Bing; and Frank. Jr. Jr., Leslie and Chandler Buffay all hang out at a coffee shop and, presumably, at least one pair is in an on-again-off-again relationship. Occasional appearances by Joey and Gunther, and also Paul Rudd as Mike because Paul Rudd.


Any other shows you would want to see rebooted? Let me know below in the comments.


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