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Tonight is the premiere of the thirtieth (!) season of The Challenge, nee the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Everyone has their own opinions, of course, but in my mind, here are the top 30 players in Challenge history. Note: I’m considering how entertaining the person was, how many victories he or she has, and appearing on multiple seasons is inherently valuable. For instance, someone like Carley won her only challenge (Fresh Meat II) – but does anyone really remember Carley? Note: All stats courtesy of The Challenge Wiki.

Honorable Mentions: Svetlana; Cohutta; Nany; Johnny Reilly; Dustin; Jenna; Tony; LaToya; Jonna; KellyAnne; Cheyenne; Ace; CJ

Honorable Mentions, as TJ would say, this ends your time here on this blog.

30. Susie

Claim to fame: won every elimination she’s been in; won Gauntlet 2 and Ruins

29. Abram

Claim to fame: two-time champ and two-time finalist; scariest person in Challenge history not named CT

28. Paula

Claim to fame: two-time champ and three-time finalist; along with Tyler and Bananas, a member of a pretty fun “Key West” season of “Real World”

27. Evelyn

Claim to fame: three-time champ and finalist on Gauntlet III; sacrificed herself for KellyAnne in The Ruins

26. Sarah

Claim to fame: two-time champ; having Johnny return the betrayal and leaving Rivals III with no money

25. Cory

Claim to fame: two-time finalist; not being the best strategist

24. Isaac

Claim to fame: My favorite moment in “Real World” history (when he explained how he sees birds when someone has died due to his use of acid, and how that means he knew his grandfather was dead before his family told him); 0-2 in eliminations and no overall wins (but lost to Landon and Bananas in eliminations)

23. Tyler

Claim to fame: two-time champ; 4-2 in eliminations

22. Jodi

Claim to fame: two-time champ out of three seasons total

21. Brad

Claim to fame: one-time champ and three-time finalist; had his face rearranged courtesy of Darrell:

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20. Leroy

Claim to fame: Carrying Mike to a final in Rivals; 70% elimination record

19. Camila

Claim to fame: gave Laurel her only loss in an elimination; The Camilinator

18. Frank

Claim to fame: Won his first challenge outright and started a “rookie revolution”; finalist his next season with Bananas; 3-0 in eliminations.

17. Zach

Claim to fame: was called “Thor” on his “Real World” season; did this to Jenna:

16. Jordan

Claim to fame: one-time champ and one-time finalist; 4-1 in eliminations with the one loss being one of the most famous in history:

15. Cara Maria

Claim to fame: 12 elimination wins; four-time finalist (and one win); calling Jamie “cousin” every five seconds on “Bloodlines”

14. Derrick

Claim to fame: three-time champ and one-time finalist; decided to take out Adam L. in the first elimination on Gauntlet II to become new team captain

13. Evan

12. Kenny

Claims to fame: Not allowed on the Challenge anymore because of some legal shenanigans involving Tanya, but both of these guys played well when on the show. Kenny is a three-time champ (and reached four other finals), and Evan won two challenges and made another final. Kenny also gets bonus points for one of the more famous kisses in Challenge history with Johanna on the beach a la “From Here to Eternity.”

11. Laurel

Claim to fame: 9-1 in eliminations, one win and three other finals, arguably the most dominant female competitor of all time; destroyed Big Easy one night in the pool (on Cutthroat).

10. Mark

Claim to fame: being “The Godfather” of this whole series; two-time champ and two-time finalist

9. Landon

Claim to fame: won three out of the four challenges on which he appeared; 5-1 all time in eliminations

8. Alton

Claim to fame: one-time champ and two-time finalist out of 4 total challenges; 5-1 in eliminations

7. Wes

Claim to fame: two-time champ, 13 elimination wins; once claimed he owned “3o companies, a BMW, a Porsche, and a monster truck.”

6. Timmy

Claim to fame: one-time champ and two-time finalist; greatest farewell speech in Challenge history at the Inferno; ripping on Aneesa

5. Darrell

Claim to fame: five-time champ (including his first four challenges); destroyed Brad’s face (see above)

4. Emily

Claim to fame: one-time champ and two-time finalist out of three total appearances; 5-0 in eliminations; in my opinion, the best female competitor of all time

3. The Miz

Claim to fame: Now even hosts the reunion specials and countdowns; two-time champ and two-time finalist; 2-0 in eliminations; probably the most successful Challenge alum ever

2. CT

Claim to fame: I actually liked CT from back in his Paris season, but obviously he’s taken on a larger-than-life mythos since becoming a Challenger, especially when he almost killed Adam:

And the all time best…


Claim to fame: six-time champion (with another two final appearances to boot); all time money winner; best politician in the game’s history; hands down the best all-time player.

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