Things that still bother me…Benjamin Button edition

Image result for benjamin button ending

As my friend Tessa can tell you, things that bothered me, say, ten years ago often still bother me today. One of these things is a non-crucial plot point from the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Spoilers for people who haven’t seen a nearly ten-year-old movie to follow.

So, Benjamin Button is born as an old man, and lives his life de-aging, eventually becoming an infant. For instance, when he’s seven, he looks much older:

Benjamin is born as an old man, but he is still born baby-sized. He then grows, as people normally do, into a full-sized person, albeit one who is ostensibly getting younger. So at the end, he should remain adult-sized, but as an infant. Benjamin Button should literally be a big baby. But instead, at the end, he turns into a regular-sized teenager, then regular-sized toddler, and then a regular-sized baby.

Even with the caveat that the whole idea of a man aging in reverse is supernatural and beyond the pale of rational discussion, I say to David Fincher come on. You should have ended the movie with a giant baby. It still bothers me.

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