Happy 2015!

Wishing all of my readers a wonderful new year ahead. Thanks everyone who read the blog, left comments, or shared it with their friends, and a special thanks to those who did all three. I’ll leave you with my three favorite entertainment-related clips for New Year’s: two from movies, and one which is my favorite comic of all time (published nineteen years ago today). Looking forward to sharing more with you all in 2015.



Quick and Dirty Emmy Predictions


I don’t care much for the Emmy’s, especially because the lion’s share of what I watch rarely gets nominated (and because it’s hard to root for an academy┬áthat failed to recognize Steve Carrell as Michael Scott, Jon Hamm as Don Draper or Jason Alexander as George Costanza). But I’ll certainly be watching (and live tweeting! @jacobsjj), and here are my quick picks. Unlike with my Oscar picks, I’m not going to do a “who will win, who should win, who I hope to win” type of break-down. I’m going to give you who I would vote for, period. Please not that these predictions aren’t likely to come to fruition, and are made based on my subjective, irrational like or dislike of the various nominees. Continue reading