Best TV, 2014 Edition


Well, it’s that time of year. I’m hesitant to do a traditional Top 10 list, if only because there may not be ten shows that I loved, or there may be more, and, as I’ve said before, it’s my blog and I’ll make the rules. So without being beholden to numbers, let’s dive in to the television that I enjoyed the most in 2014. Note: some of these will be individual episodes or moments from a show, and some will be the show’s entire season. I’m sure you’ll figure it out as I go along. Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother Insta-Reaction



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Thoughts before the end of “How I Met Your Mother”


Kids, let me tell you a story about the time I met “How I Met Your Mother.” It was 2005. I had just moved to Boston to start law school, and (as always), I had to figure out what TV shows I would be watching that season. I saw a print-ad in a magazine, about a love story told in reverse. I explained to my then-girlfriend that any show with Doogie Howser, Nick Andopolis, and the band camp girl from “American Pie” was going to be worthy of my limited time. I remember watching that first episode and thinking two things: 1) This is a group of people I enjoy being around, and I hope that the show gets a full-season pick-up order, and 2) WOW. That’s a great cliffhanger. Aunt Robin? Is she the mother’s sister?

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New Year’s Resolutions


Well, as I’ve said before, it’s my blog, so I can do things my way. Sure, I’m about 17 days later than most, but here are some New Year’s Resolutions (more like wishes) for the entertainment industry for 2014. Continue reading

Fall TV – What I’ll Be Watching

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 9.46.29 PM

With some of the fall shows (finally!) premiering this week, and most returning within the next two weeks, I thought it was time to analyze what I’ll be watching on each night. I won’t necessarily be doing recaps, or in-depth analysis on each show, but it’s just a window into what I think will be good. Some shows have earned a longer leash than others: for instance, while I can be frustrated at time with How I Met Your Mother, I’ve already invested in eight seasons – there’s no way I’ll be missing an episode of its curtain-call season. One other thing to note: Last season, I stuck with shows such as Go On and The New Normal – shows I enjoyed, that had strong initial ratings. And shows that have since been cancelled. I don’t pretend to know what will be successful – I’m still a champion of Happy Endings and Community, shows that have faced cancellation multiple times (with Happy Endings sadly losing that battle). But I know what I consider “good,” and the shows I’ll be watching will hopefully live up to my expectations. So, with that said, below is a night-by-night breakdown of how I’ll be filling up my DVR. Continue reading

How to Ruin Your Main Character

Haaaaaave you met a main character that's been ruined?

Haaaaaave you met a main character that’s been ruined?

I was watching a rerun of “How I Met Your Mother” the other day, and I realized something: There is a rampant symptom of sitcoms ruining their main characters. By “ruining” I mean making them whiny, effeminate caricatures rather than the original romantic, idealistic people we as an audience enjoyed in the first place. The three biggest offenders: “How I Met Your Mother,” “Scrubs” and “Friends.” Continue reading

March (TV) Madness


In honor of March Madness, I thought I’d take a look to determine, bracket-style, what really is the best TV theme song ever. Rather than a full 64-song bracket, I started with a top 32. A few caveats: Obviously, I’m biased more on recent shows, although the art of the great TV theme song is vanishing. Also, I tend to favor songs with words (plural), so no Batman, Parks and Recreation (even with Star Wars references), or The Office (US version). Lastly, these had to be opening theme songs, so the chung-chung from Law & Order doesn’t count. (And I was torn whether to include the Jeopardy! music as well).

To me, the ideal theme song conveys enough of what the show is about to catch up casual viewers (i.e. blatantly spelling out the plot, like in The Brady Bunch or Green Acres). But it also has to be a good song; that’s crucial. Catchy, but also good enough that you won’t mind hearing it, say, 400 times. Continue reading