How to Ruin Your Main Character

Haaaaaave you met a main character that's been ruined?

Haaaaaave you met a main character that’s been ruined?

I was watching a rerun of “How I Met Your Mother” the other day, and I realized something: There is a rampant symptom of sitcoms ruining their main characters. By “ruining” I mean making them whiny, effeminate caricatures rather than the original romantic, idealistic people we as an audience enjoyed in the first place. The three biggest offenders: “How I Met Your Mother,” “Scrubs” and “Friends.” Continue reading

March (TV) Madness


In honor of March Madness, I thought I’d take a look to determine, bracket-style, what really is the best TV theme song ever. Rather than a full 64-song bracket, I started with a top 32. A few caveats: Obviously, I’m biased more on recent shows, although the art of the great TV theme song is vanishing. Also, I tend to favor songs with words (plural), so no Batman, Parks and Recreation (even with Star Wars references), or The Office (US version). Lastly, these had to be opening theme songs, so the chung-chung from Law & Order doesn’t count. (And I was torn whether to include the Jeopardy! music as well).

To me, the ideal theme song conveys enough of what the show is about to catch up casual viewers (i.e. blatantly spelling out the plot, like in The Brady Bunch or Green Acres). But it also has to be a good song; that’s crucial. Catchy, but also good enough that you won’t mind hearing it, say, 400 times. Continue reading