Fall TV Preview

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With the Emmy’s tonight (I’ll be live-tweeting; follow along @jacobsjj), and the fall TV season kicking off tomorrow, I figured I may as well do my annual preview for what I’ll be watching in the 2015-2016 (network) TV season.


What I’ll Watch Live: Once Upon a Time, NFL Football

What I’ll DVR: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Brooklyn 99, Last Man on Earth

Not much change from last year, other than the addition of Will Forte’s hilarious, post-apocalyptic “Last Man on Earth” in place of the terrible “Mulaney.” I am an admitted “Once Upon a Time” fan, and I’m curious to see Jennifer Morrison play the villainous “Dark Swan” character this season. “The Simpsons” has been a mainstay for as long as I’ve been watching TV, and “Brooklyn 99” always cracks me up, especially Andre Braugher’s deadpan line delivery.


What I’ll Watch Live: Monday Night Football

What I’ll DVR: Big Bang Theory [until it moves to Thursdays at the end of October], Minority Report, Blindspot, Gotham

Mondays look a lot more packed than they did last year. I’ll still never watch “Dancing with the Stars,” but I’m excited about the return of “Gotham” (I enjoyed the first season more than most, and I’m looking forward to a true Gordon vs. Riddler/Penguin/Joker season). I loved “Minority Report” as a movie and am eager to see if and how it can translate to a weekly procedural. As for “Blindspot,” I like Jamie Alexander, it has an interesting, “Memento”-borrowing premise, and I could see it either soaring or crashing and burning after a few weeks. Either way, I’ll check out the first few episodes.


What I’ll Watch Live: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Limitless

What I’ll DVR: The Muppets, New Girl [when it returns], Grandfathered, The Grinder

“Mindy Project” is off to Hulu, otherwise it would’ve made my “DVR” list. I loved the last season of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and am really looking forward to seeing Skye/Daisy take on more of a leadership role while searching out Inhumans. I really enjoyed the Bradley Cooper-starring “Limitless” movie, and it’s encouraging that he has reportedly signed on for multiple episodes of the TV drama. Also, Jake McDorman was so good last year on such a terrible show (“Manhattan Love Story”, with Annaleigh Tipton) that I’m hoping the second time’s the charm.

Regarding “The Muppets”….eh. The Jason Segel 2011 film was fantastic, and accurately captured the Muppets’ mayhem and character spirit. Now Bill Prady of “Big Bang Theory” fame is doing a “realistic” take? Supposedly, some behind-the-scenes veteran Muppet people weren’t happy with the 2011 movie:

“and because some of the original Muppeteers like Frank Oz had complained about some of the creative choices of Jason Segel’s “Muppets” script (like the idea that Kermit lived in a big mansion)…”

I mean…what? If they want a realistic take, of COURSE Kermit would live in a mansion! He’s been a TV star for decades! But now we’re going to endure Gonzo, what, trying to Snapchat? It all makes me feel like Milhouse wondering when Itchy and Scratchy are going to get to the fireworks factory.

Both “Grandfathered” and “The Grinder” have actors I like (John Stamos and Rob Lowe, respectively), so we’ll see if either of them are actually good. I’m betting on “Grandfathered” because I like Josh Peck in that role, but either one could be great, terrible, or anything in between.


What I’ll Watch Live: Nothing.

What I’ll DVR: Literally nothing.

Wow. Look at this schedule.



Oof. Go home, Wednesday night programming, you’re drunk.


What I’ll Watch Live: NFL Football

What I’ll DVR: Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory [once it’s moved to Thursdays], Heroes Reborn

“Grey’s” actually had an impressive story arc last season, culminating in the untimely death of Dr. McDreamy Derek Shepherd. I’m curious to see how single-mother-with-three-kids-and-the-support-of-her-half-sister-and-sister-in-law-and-of-course-the-whole-hopsital-too Meredith gets through even more emotional tumult.

I am also an unabashed “Heroes” supporter. It went way off the rails in season two, and by the middle of season three had lost its luster. That said, its last season, the “carnival” season, was fantastic, and grounded the show back in reality that made season one special. I’m hoping that, as a limited series, “Reborn” captures some of the original’s magic.


What I’ll Watch Live: Masterchef Junior

Kidding. Made the same joke last year and the year before. Nothing worth DVRing on this night.


What I’ll DVR: Saturday Night Live

SNL’s 40th season wasn’t great on the whole, but the SNL 40 special was incredible. Even if every other show is a clunker, SNL still provides some great bits.

Other Notables:

Even though I said this is an entry about network shows, I’ll be watching “The Leftovers” on HBO, “The Soup” on E! and, as always, “Dawson’s Creek” reruns on my DVR.

Anything I missed? Any judgments on my TV habits you want to post? Feel free to heap scorn in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Fall TV Preview

  1. Loved your take on the new season, critic JJ. I of course, have very different viewing so what can I say? No football, like SVU and Chicago PD on Wednesday, watch Dancing with the Stars (ugh) and Grey’s. I’m looking forward to a new PBS series starting next week called Indian Summer and of course to my Downtown Abbey finally coming back in January. We won’t have too much to discuss but I hope you enjoy all of your shows and I will look forward to your commentary as always. >

  2. I love reading your TV reviews and with the new baby I haven’t seen what’s going to come out this fall, not like I have as much time as usual anyway. I’ll have to figure out to pare down, I also watch Chicago fire (I know… Guilty pleasure.) And the 100 (is thay even coming back??) And doctor who and grimm! I’m super excited for heroes reborn, I love that hrg is in it! Hope it captures the spirit of season 1, if that’s possible.

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